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So it occurred to me that this might be a bet:  "Betcha I can make a guy take a vibrating toothbrush to a tomato plant.  Tell him he's assisting pollination!" 

Thank You for the Tomatoes, Ms Renee! 7/6/2022

Thank You for the Tomatoes, Ms Renee! 6/17/2022 act of kindness

The girls were knocking at the window.  He made their day!

Shotcut Video Editor- test with layering, video/audio transitions, splicing, split audio tracks and adjust volume/gain, adding images, titles and videos.

Zoom Video

Test with standard virtual backgrounds using cream colored blankie as greenscreen.  Timestamp can be removed.  Physical greenscreen is a must for this to work best.

Test with custom virtual background using no greenscreen- chair background.  Timestamp can be removed.

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