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Star Bobatoon

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Achieving Financial Freedom CD

Are you working too much? Stressed out about your finances? Not spending enough time with loved ones? 

Learning to manage your finances can bring relief to these nagging issues. No matter how much or how little money you have, money management skills and good financial practices are essential to achieving financial freedom.

image of decide-believe-take actionDecide, Believe, Take Action CD

We all go through rough patches in our lives, times when we don’t see how we are going to make it and we ask, “why is this happening to me?” Decide, Believe Take Action offers an answer. It is a story about finding hope in the midst of chaos; of facing obstacles head on and turning them into advantages.


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I HATE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY: Loving a Child With a Life-Altering Disease

When her 5-year old son was first diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, the first Star Bobatoon asked was “why me.”

This book is a product of Star's answer. It is an honest, though sometimes raw story of how she created new possibilities for herself and her family in the face of unexpected challenges.

As a practical guide, it will inspire through whatever challenges you are facing. You will be touched, uplifted and encouraged.

Achieving Financial Freedom
If you have a burning desire to change your financial situation, this CD can help get you started on the road to financial freedom. $9.99

Decide, Believe, Take Action
This CD not only offers inspiration but practical tools to take control of your life and turn trials into triumphs. . $9.99

I Hate Muscular Dystrophy: Loving a Child with a Life-Altering Disease
This practical handbook provides a touching, hands-on look at raising and loving a child with special needs, and finding happiness and strength in the midst of life-altering challenges. 14.99


"DECIDE, BELIEVE, and TAKE ACTION will inspire you to pursue your goals and dreams in life with new determination. Star's high energy and thought provoking messages will transform you and take you to new heights.”

Andy Henriquez
Motivational Speaker, Investor, and Mentor

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